Stylish and Comfortable Integrated Back One-Piece Yoga Suit

Elevate your yoga practice with our seamless and form-fitting one-piece suit. Perfect for hot yoga sessions or intense workouts, this bodysuit shorts workout attire offers both style and functionality.

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 ●●●Why It Can Elevate Your Sale

One of the design features of this one piece yoga suit is the extra wide straps at the back. This design not only takes into account the comfort of wearing but also fully considers the actual needs during exercise. The widened shoulder straps can disperse the pressure on the shoulders to a certain extent, making the wearer feel relaxed and comfortable when performing various movements.


What's more, this workout one piece bodysuit features a high-support design, making it especially suitable for strength training. Whether it is weightlifting, fitness, or yoga, the high-support design can provide the wearer with stable support and protect the wearer from sports injuries. This design fully takes into account the wearer's needs in daily training. It's a perfect hot yoga one piece. 


At the same time, the design of the thick shoulder straps also cleverly creates a hollow effect, creating a unique racer-back effect. This design not only adds a sense of fashion visually, but also greatly increases the breathability of the vest. Whether in a hot summer or during high-intensity exercise, this design allows the wearer to feel cool and comfortable.


Overall, the design of thick shoulder straps achieves the perfect balance of support and breathability.

Its waist is made of a thick knitted structure, which narrows the waist and makes it look slimmer, always reminding us not to relax.


The threaded tissue on the buttocks subtly presents a V-shape, integrating with the hip-lifting design. Visually make the buttocks more round and upturned.

Its hemming is very delicate, and its width is carefully designed to match the thickness of the entire garment. Thick clothes cannot be hemmed with narrow hems, and clothes that are too thin are not suitable for hemming that is too wide.


●●●Gross Profit Estimate
Gross Profit = Net Revenue - COGS (cost of goods sold)
= Selling price- (sourcing cost+shipping cost+marketing cost)
Usually, the sourcing cost for our active Tank top is between 5usd-9usd. While the selling price can be 30usd-45usd. If the logistic cost is 1 USD per product and the market cost is 1 USD per product. Then the gross profit is between 24usd-35usd.

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 ●●●Product Pictures

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     ●●●Which color to Attract More Sales

    Navy blue is reminiscent of sailors. They dare to forge ahead and surpass themselves. They are not afraid of danger and have adventurous spirits, perseverance, and determination. They bravely explored the unknown world and opened up important sea routes and passages for mankind.

    This bodysuit yoga clothing is like a reliable guardian, always protecting your dreams and making you more confident and calm on the road to pursuing your dreams.

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    ●●●How to Make It Sustainable
    The fashion industry has paid more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, which is a global trend. We are working hard to achieve green transformation, advocating sustainable development in every process from production, textile to packaging.
    1. we can adopt recycled yarn to produce this garment
    2. we can use bio-degradable bag to pack your orders
    3. we advise sea shipping to reduce carbon footprint

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 ●●●Try-on Haul

The thickness of this one piece gym bodysuit is moderate, suitable for early summer. You can also wear it with trousers and a jacket in late spring for a casual outdoor style. Or you can wear a sweatshirt as a top and leave the bottom as a bodysuit shorts workout.


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● ● ● Buyers Feedbacks
1. "The workout wear from Fit Fever is well-priced for the quality. It offers great value for the money and I highly recommend their products."
   -- Mark, brand owner in Saudi

2. "I appreciate the timely delivery of the workout wear from this factory. The orders always arrive on schedule, allowing me to stock my inventory efficiently."
   -- Jack, distributor in LA

  1. 3. "Fit Fever factory provides excellent customer service, addressing any concerns or issues promptly and professionally."
 -- Jennifer, distributor in Canada
Get ready to turn heads in our innovative one-piece gym bodysuit. With a sleek design and comfortable fit, this hot yoga one piece is perfect for all body types. Made with high-quality materials for maximum durability, our bodysuit yoga clothing is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and hello to effortless style with our workout one piece bodysuit. Contact us now for your personalized size chart and start your fitness journey today!

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