PVC Tarpaulin Rolls, High Quality PVC Coated Fabric for Tents by Yatai

Product Details 

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:YTARP

Certification:SGS REACH ROHS ISO9001
PVC Tarpaulin Daily Output:50000SQMS


Payment & Shipping

Minimum Order Quantity:3000SQMS
Packaging Details:craft paper with pe foam
Supply Ability:60000sqms/month
Delivery Port:Shanghai/Ningbo


Quick detail


Weight: 650gsm


Color:can be customized

Roll Length:50m

Width:up to 5.1m

Technology:Knife Coated

Function:Water Resistant, Flame Retardant,Anti-Mildew, Anti-UV,Tear-Resistant,Abrasion-Resistant,Oilproof



Tarpaulin Roll PVC Cover Truck PVC Tent Fabric 650GSM

Mechanical Properties

Total Weight


DIN EN ISO 2286-2


Coating Material




Base Fabric


DIN ISO 2076


Fabric Density

1100Dtex 20x20

DIN ISO 2076


Surface  Finish

Double -side acrylic



Breaking Strength Warp


DIN EN IS01421-1


Breaking Strength Weft


DIN EN IS01421-1


Tear Strength Warp




Tear Strength Weft











Physical Properties

Temperature Resistance




Welding Adhesion


IVK 3.13


Light Fastness


ISO 105 B02:2014


Fire Behaviour

B1 B2 M1 M2

DIN 4102-1


Flex Resistance

At least 100000 bends

DIN 53359A


Reaction To Fire


EN 13501+A1:2009

Dive into the top-tier world of Yatai, the pioneers in providing superior quality PVC Tarpaulin Rolls. Yatai redefines the realm of PVC coated fabrics, presenting an efficient solution for those in search of unparalleled durability and functionality, particularly in the form of tent fabric. Whether you are seeking tent fabric for a personal project or a commercial venture, Yatai’s PVC Tent Tarpaulin is designed to meet and exceed all your expectations. The product is an absolute standout in the market, boasting 100% blockout that provides optimal protection from the elements, ensuring a consistent shield for your tents and marquees.As a leading name in the industry, Yatai takes pride in creating robust and resilient PVC coated tarpaulin, offering a steadfast answer to the varying needs and requirements of our clients. Not just your standard PVC coated fabric, Yatai's PVC Tarpaulin roll is a blend of cutting-edge technology and high-grade materials, ensuring it stands the test of time even in the harshest of conditions. Indulge in the versatility of our Tarpaulin Rolls; crafted to perfection, they can be transformed into sturdy and reliable tents. The durability is amplified owing to the PVC coating, making it an exceptional choice for commercial and industrial applications. The PVC Tent Tarpaulin, featuring the PVC Tarpaulin for Marquee Tent, is the epitome of quality and endurance, adding a layer of excellence to your projects.

YATAI tent fabric for versatility. From highly transparent to fully opaque, from light weight to heavy, from white to black, from marquee to two-storey tent system and from commercial tent to circus tent, everything become possible. Manufactured using specially selected materials, the Yatai tent fabric comply with the highest standards with respect to UV, oxidation,fungal and fire resistance. The acrylic coating on both sides is the perfect finishing touch, ensuring good resistance to dirt and easy cleaning, as well as durability.


In the realm of PVC tent fabric, Yatai stands tall as the preferred choice for those seeking quality, durability, and versatility. Our 650 GSM PVC Tarpaulin Roll ensures that your tent is not just a structure, but a haven, safe and secure from the outside world. The world of Yatai continues to revolve around innovation, delivering products that not only meet the demands of the market but set a new standard for excellence in the industry. Consider investing in our PVC Tarpaulin today, and experience a world where quality and function converge. Choose Yatai, where we craft the impossible into the tangible.

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