Seamless Stylish Yoga Suit Set for Enhanced Performance

Elevate your workout with our Seamless beautiful back yoga suit set designed for running, fast drying, and tight exercise. This gym set includes a sports bra and leggings set that is perfect for active individuals looking for comfort and style.

●●●Size Chart

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 ●●●Why It Can Elevate Your Sale

For this yoga suit set, if you sell bra and pants separately,it can be a hit to the market too.

The bra from these yoga outfit sets is low-support. Truth be told, its beauty outweighs its function. With only thin cross-straps on the back, it’s sexy and mysterious. When you look from the front, it’s nothing. When you turn back, it’s definitely something! That's why this bra and leggings set only suitable for some slow yoga, and jogging, not for HIIT, vigorous running, and jumping. But who would blame such beauty be not functional?

The matching shorts highlights are on the back as well. The back waist is V-shaped, enabling a strong visual extension. It makes people feel that the buttocks are upturned and sculptured. I would be crazy for this effect. The front seam design of these shorts is Camel Toe Proof. It will make your belly look a little bit bigger. However, it is completely acceptable compared with camel toe embarrassment. The classic ribbed mid-rise waist ensures that the pants will not slip.



 ●●●Gross Profit Estimate

Gross Profit = Net Revenue - COGS (cost of goods sold)
= Selling price- (sourcing cost+shipping cost+marketing cost)
Usually, the sourcing cost for our workout set is between 11usd-15usd. While the selling price can be 60usd-70usd. If the logistic cost is 1 USD per product and the market cost is 1 USD per product. Then the gross profit is between 45usd-59usd.

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 ●●●Product Pictures


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●●●Which Color to Attract More Sales

The recommended color for this sports bra and leggings set of this set is Klein Blue.

Klein Blue is named after Yves Klein. His work is considered one of the great works of art. Klein's practice spans a variety of media, including painting, relief and sculpture. His artwork demonstrates an interest in nature and the universe, as well as a unique understanding of color and form.

Klein Blue is a deep blue color that is often used in fashion design and art. This color gives people a sense of nobility and calm, and at the same time lively and unrestrained. It can flatten the skin gloss, making it suitable for a lot of people. Klein blue clothes appeared on some fashion runways, coupled with the introduction and recommendation of art bloggers on the Internet, which gradually attracted attention. And its popularity has not diminished in recent years.


Many fashion yoga set clothes brands use Klein Blue for clothing design and fabric selection. The color of Klein Blue also inspires matching yoga sets designers, and many yoga clothing pieces are inspired by Klein Blue.

There is no doubt that Klein Blue is perfect for casual, everyday wear, and is a unique presence in the gym.

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●●●How to Make It Sustainable
  1. The fashion industry has paid more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, which is a global trend. We are working hard to achieve green transformation, advocating sustainable development in every process from production, textile to packaging.
    1. we can adopt recycled yarn to produce this garment
    2. we can use bio-degradable bags to pack your orders
    3. we advise sea shipping to reduce carbon footprint

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● ● ● Try-on Haul
The design behind it is really beautiful, but it is not recommended for girls with big breasts to try it because it will make you tired. If you're looking for comfort, don't go for this one either.

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● ● ● Clients Feedbacks
1. "The workout wear from Fit Fever is well-priced for the quality. It offers great value for the money and I highly recommend their products."
   -- Mark, brand owner in Saudi

2. "I appreciate the timely delivery of the workout wear from this factory. The orders always arrive on schedule, allowing me to stock my inventory efficiently."
   -- Jack, distributor in LA

  1. 3. "Fit Fever factory provides excellent customer service, addressing any concerns or issues promptly and professionally."
 -- Jennifer, distributor in Canada
Experience unparalleled comfort and style with our Seamless yoga outfit set. Made with high-quality materials, this set features a beautiful back design that enhances breathability during intense workouts. The sports bra offers ample support, while the leggings provide a snug fit for maximum flexibility. Whether you're hitting the gym or practicing yoga, this matching yoga set is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. Upgrade your workout wardrobe with our yoga set clothes today!

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