Yatai's Superior PVC Tarpaulin: Clear, UV-Resistant & Waterproof Fabric for Event Tents

Product Details 

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:YTARP

Certification:SGS REACH ROHS ISO9001
PVC Tarpaulin Daily Output:50000SQMS


Payment & Shipping

Minimum Order Quantity:3000SQMS
Packaging Details:craft paper with pe foam
Supply Ability:60000sqms/month
Delivery Port:Shanghai/Ningbo


Quick detail

Quick detail


Weight: 340gsm


Color:can be customized

Roll Length:50m

Width:up to 5.1m


Function:Water Resistant, Flame Retardant,Anti-Mildew, Anti-UV,Tear-Resistant,Abrasion-Resistant,Oilproof



UV-Resistance Waterproof Polyester PVC Tarpaulin Clear White Transparent Fabric Mesh for Event Tent Cover

Mechanical Properties

Total Weight


DIN EN ISO 2286-2


Coating Material




Base Fabric


DIN ISO 2076


Fabric Density

1100Dtex 3x3

DIN ISO 2076


Surface  Finish




Breaking Strength Warp


DIN EN IS01421-1


Breaking Strength Weft


DIN EN IS01421-1


Tear Strength Warp




Tear Strength Weft











Physical Properties

Temperature Resistance




Welding Adhesion


IVK 3.13


Light Fastness


ISO 105 B02:2014


Fire Behaviour

B1 B2 M1 M2

DIN 4102-1


Flex Resistance

At least 60000 bends

DIN 53359A


Reaction To Fire


EN 13501+A1:2009

The perfect blend of functionality and style, Yatai presents its high-quality PVC Tarpaulin, specifically designed for event tents and marquee covers. This PVC coated fabric exhibits remarkable transparency, allowing for optimal natural light exposure. Our product is not just pleasing to the eye, but incredibly resilient, offering UV-Resistance and water-proofing, ensuring your event proceeds without a hitch, regardless of the weather conditions.The PVC Tent Tarpaulin is made from PVC coated fabric. This coating provides an added level of protection against wear and tear. It also maximizes the tarpaulin's lifespan, making our product a cost-effective solution for event organizers and venue owners. With its clear aesthetic, the tent tarpaulin seamlessly blends with any event theme or decor, offering a versatile solution for all your event coverage needs.

YATAI Transparent PVC Fabric for tensile roof tent. Perfectly weldable for easy and efficient confectioning. Premium flame retardant, low-wicking,Anti-bacterial and UV treatment for all weathering resistance.


We have uniquely designed a PVC laminated fabric that guarantees durability and longevity. This fabric, crafted with precision and care, serves to resist UV rays - a key feature that significantly reduces the risk of damage caused by prolonged sun exposure. Our PVC Tent Tarpaulin is not just another tarpaulin; it's a premium-quality product designed to withstand the test of time, crafted from specially selected materials to ensure the best customer experience.Our PVC Tarpaulin rolls have been subjected to rigorous testing processes to ensure they meet our uncompromising standards. This tarpaulin is a perfect manifestation of our commitment to excellence, designed to provide robust protection while maintaining an inviting ambiance. Choose Yatai's PVC Tarpaulin for your event tent or marquee cover, and experience unrivalled quality and durability that can weather any storm. It is, without a doubt, the perfect fusion of innovative technology and stylish design.

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